The OP-Z Notebook by Synthdawg

It’s 4x as big as the official guide as way more detailed. The only disadvantage is that it puts actual usability over design, so no gray text on gray background unfortunately.

It’s unclear though whether the updates will be included or sold separately.


I’m going to give this a bump, in case you missed it the first time around.

I bought this for the price of a cup of coffee (before tax and tip, even). I think it’s very well done, and very thorough; worth the price for sure. I wish I had had this when I was learning to play the op-z, it would have saved me a bunch of guessing.

I haven’t had it long enough to rate it as a reference, but it’s well organized, so I’m guessing it will be good for that, too. I know from now on I will check here first from now on when I’m trying to remember how to do certain things I always forget.


Interesting but, what does this guide have that the official doesn’t? Yes, I know that there’s a bunch of stuff that’s not mentioned in the official and yes, the official isn’t that clear all the time. So I can absolutly see the use for a better guide.

I could be interested, but have had the Op-Z since day one and have read pretty much every thread here. I would absolutly buy it if it would give me some new information, tips, tricks etc. But as of now I find the description of this guide too vague for me to buy it.

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The way I look at it is this:

The official guide tells you what, this guide tells you how.

It also flows really well.

If you’re an experienced user of the OP-Z then there maybe isn’t as much for you in there (I’d argue that could be debated though as I don’t know what you do/don’t know), but it’s £2.90 so even if it’s not of massive use and it’s something that helps support the community so I personally had no problem buying it for that reason as well as the above.


Found the OP-1 Notebook demo on YouTube…shows what the content looks like and might look like for OP-Z:

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Got my OP-Z on Saturday and bought this OP-Z Notebook The next day. It’s well worth the few quid and way better laid out than the manual. Very clear with detailed instructions. I’d say plough through this first and then go thru the official manual afterwards.


Bought mine tooday. Keeping in mind that it can help community or Synthdawg directly=)). The main downside that you see immediately: they don’t use these specific OP-Z pictograms, instead you get something like

(Track) + Step (1) - (16) e. g. Kick - Step (1)

Unreadable. Imho. Especially after those nice manuals-guides from Teenage Engineering site.

One page has 27 lines. And 1/3 of pages is a blank space for “Notes”. And several blank pages after every chapter also for “Notes”

But still worth this “cup of coffee in rich countries” price.

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