The op1f is such an infuriatingly frustrating device

I had the original for about 5 years and sold it in 21 due to not using it a lot ( for more than I paid for it).

I was very excited about the field and bought it immediately. But now I am so frustrated with TE, they always seem to stop at 85%

a few examples:

that audio interface thing, where you can send audio to an ipad but not monitor it due to feedback, which I presume would be a teeny bit of code in the op1 os and which they already made possible with the opz. Buying a tx6 is a solution, but teally overkill for a minimal op1/ipad setup for the road.

or an delay which can‘t sync or pingpong

or a dimension synth which can‘t do pure noise

or still no solution for file organisation with ios

or no undo (some say this is a feature!?)

or no way to edit out crackling with tape loops ( is there a way?)

or 8 tape slots, but only two albums

and do on….

I really don’t care about the price, which made most people scream at their screen for weeks now, resale value should be great, if you don’t like it, but many of these things were already in the original, so probably they won’t fix them.


You have DNA for this ^^

Always is big a word. IMO the third series of Pocket Operators hit the bull eye.
But feel free to put your list here:


you‘re missing a sweepable resonant filter with DNA

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Not if you throw Nitro on it!
Turn up the drive/resonance and sweep the lowpass or highpass filter.

You could even record that sweep to tape then resample it and add another effect on top.

Or have nitro + master effect, record to album, then resample from album back to sampler.

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that kind of proves my point: a lot is possible with the op1, but only with three handed octuple tricks, which could be solved so easily with a tiny bit of code. pure noise is there in dimension, just not accessible

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you can also do noise with dr wave and the lfo set very fast…

edit but i hear you. whats infuriating to me is that og snapshots dont import correctly. overall though i think its too early to judge it too harshly. i suspect te will improve stuff ← leap of faith, but they have a good track record with the og so lets see…


Yeah I hear ya. Especially since it says noise in the dimension synth, just just doesn’t go pure noise, always with some sort of underlying oscillator (saw or square) (explaining in greater detail so ppl without a field understand.)

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Appreciate it, I was a bit confused about that particular point. I also immediately thought of dna and how that is absolutely a noise generator, at least on my OG-1! I actually have a bit of a hard time dialing in something I like on that engine so far, but I’ve only messed with it a few times.

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This engine needs a lot of patience or curiosity to find sweet spots, but there are some :slight_smile:


I will see what I can muster out if it today haha

Update: bleep bloop

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