The Phone stereo effect turns to mono in Synth mode


Could you reproduce the following on your OP-1?

1. Select a synth for generating sound. It doesn’t matter what kind of sound you have.
2. Switch to mixer mode, ensure that the synth isn’t muted, then go to effect page and select stereo Phone.
3. Move the encoders to alter the sound placing artifacts on it in a wide stereo range. Play on the synth, the stereo effect works as expected.
4. Press the Synth button again switching back to the synth mode. Play on the synth further. Maybe you still hear the Phone effects on it in stereo for a limited time. Just switch to another synth page (like to envelop, effect, LFO). The stereo effect turns to mono.
5. When you switch back to the mixer mode, and play the synth it may still remain mono for some seconds but then it will become stereo again. However switching to Synth settings again the effect will go to mono after a short time or when changing active synth page to another one.

I can produce this issue only with the Phone stereo effect.

Could you try it out? I’m interested in whether it is a common issue.


master effects are stereo, track effects are mono as tracks are mono. this is a very specific case. i’ve found that pressing the keys in tape mode definitely changes the whole state of the OP1 sometimes in unexpected ways. interesting if you could distill this issue any further.

Never noticed Master FX switch to mono in synth mode though.
Wonder if this records on Album / audio out?
Worth looking out for,testing.
(Ps Spring is also stereo spread MFX).

I experience this issue only with stereo Phone. Other stereo effects remain stereo even when playing in Synth mode.

I believe this is just because panning is only applied when in tape/mixer mode. synth or drum mode always centers the sound.

And stereo Phone only produces stereo glitches when the left and right channels aren’t the same. e.g. a dead-center-panned track on the tape will not produce any stereo glitches, nor will the center-panned output from a synth in synth mode.

@beefinator The stereo Phone affects the sound in stereo even if the source is centered in the panorama range. I’ve tried it out.

@Spheric_El Sure, it records to album as well, I’ve tried it.

I’d appreciate if you tried to reproduce the issue by following the steps in the opening post :slight_smile:

Okay, I actually tried it, and I’ll amend what I said.

A dead-center-panned track on the tape produces much fewer stereo glitches (not none, but still much less stereo image than a panned track).
It has to be exactly centered to observe this; even one tick off from center will produce big stereo effects.

But I still think that switching to synth mode is equivalent to a dead-center track.
I tried it out some, and I was able to sometimes trigger stereo effects from within the synth screen. It’s just more rare, just like it’s more rare on a tape track if it’s centered.

idk, just seems like part of the device’s character to me… : P

@beefinator This seems to be an explanation. I’ve played with it a bit and I managed to prove your theory more or less in practice. Thanks for your help!