The (possible) return of Jexus / WC Olo Garb

If you’re into hardware synths, you’ve almost certainly been to the channel of Jexus/WC Olo Garb. It has amazing videos that can be superficially categorized as synth demos, but are really much more than that. At some point the videos just stopped and ever since then people have been speculating what happened to the guy. Did he die? Got married and sold all his gear?

In a surprising turn of events several weeks ago, Noir Et Blanc Vie posted a two-part documentary about the man behind those demos. The good news is, Jexus is alive and doing fine. But from my perspective, his story is still pretty sad, because he did burn out, quit music and sold all his hardware. Moreover, it sounds like he never made any money from his videos/music/reviews, even though his channel, in my opinion, is one of the best things on YouTube.

Why am I posting this mostly off-topic message? For one, I think some people here will find it interesting. But another reason is that the amount of attention the documentary received surprised the guy and he is considering a comeback. So if you liked his videos back in the day, you might consider joining the patreon he opened.

First demo after the return:

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