The Story behind Samplr

Hi, I’ve noticed talk of the Samplr app here, so I hope this is interesting. I was able to chat with the creator of Samplr and hear about his vision and how he came up with the idea. If interested here’s an in-depth discussion.


Interesting article.

Glad the app was updated after 6 years of no updates but the price has gone from $9.99 to $29.99!

There’s a new SAMPLR!?!?!?

Glad I got in before the price jump

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Yeah new midi clock code, ableton link, sample import bugs should be fixed, etc. I’m happy. =)

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Interesting. I remember the first version was all white and the buttons looked allot like the op-1.

Edit: found some screenshots of the original design. It’s a shame you didn’t ask about the theme change. Personally I loved the old op-1styling and wish it was still an option in the app.


@kingof9x those screenshots are great!

that is how the app looked when I bought it.