the Thinny

A non-skinny sweeping bomb of a present! Big TA to whoever tuned that sweet sucker in.


I got excited when I saw that name while playing with the new OS last night (I’m only in my second week with the OP-1, also my first synth). I don’t know if this has anything to do with the name and sound, but “thinny” is a thing in the Stephen King Dark Tower series, which is like a ripple in reality and can lead to other dimensions, or something along those lines, and is described as making a strong warble sound. I have a guitar and effects based short instrumental called The Warble also based on the same concept. I’ll try to make a new version one of these days adding in the Thinny sound from the OP-1 maybe

Nice track !

Nice track !

thank you!

Sweet! Which engine?