The Ups & Downs of the Built-In Mic

Has anyone else found that the in-built mic has quite a lot of noise / hiss in the background?

It’s a shame, because the level of audio / ambience capture on it is really sharp, but there’s a constant rustling squeak in the background that sounds like moving tape (and yeah, I know the OP-1’s recording function is supposed to channel classic tape recording, but surely they’ve not gone as far as deliberately capturing the bad bits of tape too??!)

If you keep the mic input to a minimum and then record with the master input at the top, there is considerably less hiss, but it picks up considerably less - and with less clarity too. If you put the mic input to maximum and record with master input just less than halfway up, this seems to minimise background noise, but it’s still audible on quieter / softer recordings. Even when layered against other tracks.

Has anyone else found this and, if so, amy ways round it? Thanks

I found that the tape running causes this. Record to the Drum if you can.

Interesting - thanks ghostly 606. It does sound like tape spooling. How do you record to the Drum?

Actually, I’m recording about 3 and a half minutes of audio so not sure the drum would be suitable. I wonder if the tape would be as squeaky if I changed the speed… Or has anyone found a way to record direct to Album (probably impossible, I know!)

You need a jack into the output to record to album, like some headphones. I guess this prevents feedback from speaker to Mic.