++The Videopak Master Contest is LIVE!+++++++++++++++++++++++++

Our 1 year anniversary contest is here, PERFORM using 1 of these 6 videopaks to win!

Details and Prize Info Below - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It’s been 1 Year since we started the Videloab Creator Community and we wanted to bring everyone together in an awesome ((((never before seen)))) “Videopak Master” contest!

CONTEST DATES: July 9th to Aug 6th


  1. Subscribe + Follow our YouTube and Instagram channels

  2. Contestants will select from 6 videopaks provided(2 videopaks are on the OP-Z available to download now)

DOWNLOAD VIDEOPAKS HERE: https://bit.ly/3xJza3G

(Note: Download both the “Street Fighter” and “Megaman” paks before you start installing or before you start launching videopaks, if you get a “NO PAK LOADED” error, this is why, the street fighter and megaman paks need to be downloaded inside the app, this is a newer bug that is being worked out in the op-z app)

  1. Create a compelling clip of your LIVE PERFORMANCE using one(or mashup) of these 6 paks in 1 minute or less. Only 2 entries per instagram account will be accepted.

  2. Post your performance to your instagram and tag us @videolabcreators plus hashtag #vlc2021Contest. If you don’t have an instagram account then post a link(youtube or vimeo) in our discord channel of your performance, link to our discord is below

  3. You can find us on Instagram here: https://instagram.com/videolabcreator…

PRIZES: 1st place //// TE - 3 pocket operators of choice + TE - patch / stickers + Retrokits - RK006 Midi Hub + VL Creators - Videopak Collection + Videolab T-Shirt + BOLT - 1 year of Bootleg club from the musician BOLT & sample paks + Synthdawg - ANY TWO Digital Guides from the Synthdawg.com Site + MyVolts - Pocket Operator Case(s) + Analog Cases - 3 PO Case +

2nd place //// TE - Choice of any 1 pocket operator + TE - patch /stickers + Retrokits - Passive Mixer + Videopak Creators - Videopak Collection + Videolab T-Shirt Bolt - Parallel Universe Breaks Sample Pack + Synthdawg - ANY Single Digital Guide from the Synthdawg.com site + MyVolts - 1 PO case +

3rd place //// TE - Choice of any 1 pocket operator + TE - patch + stickers Retrokits - A&B Midi adapters + Videopak Creators - Videopak Collection + Videolab T-Shirt Synthdawg - ANY Single Digital Guide from the Synthdawg.com site + MyVolts - 1 PO case +

4th & 5th place //// TE - patch / stickers + Synthdawg ANY Single Guide + Videolab Creators Videopak Collection + Videolab T-Shirt There will be 5 WINNERS selected from a

Panel of Judges:
+Cuckoo +Eran Hilleli +Tobias +Ryan Diefenbach +Perplexon +Bolt +Brad +Heymun +Synthdawg +MyVolts +Retrokits

After the Contest ends on Aug 6th, the top submissions will be posted in our Discord Server in channel #vlc2021Contest and those submissions will be sent to our judges and voted on. Our Discord Channel will contain more up-to-date information: Join the Videolab Creators Discord! https://discord.gg/7hKjcw3​​ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Tips & Tricks when performing with videopaks(With op-z)

  1. To automate/animate the encoder values - While the op-z is playing, hold down the record button and twist the encoder value and those values should now be automated.

  2. You can cycle through videopaks quickly using the “Shift + any of the numbered black keys”

  3. Remember you can only record 4 key presses per step so you will have to work within this constraint. You get an additional 2 key presses(not recordable but real-time play) if you turn on “generous chords” but you still can’t record 6 notes

  4. Use pattern chaining to mix things up and create new scenes and behaviors

  5. Screen Record is built into every iPhone or iOS device and its the best way to capture a performance. If you just have an iPhone you can do two passes, one pass to record the screen and another to record the performance and edit them together in iMovie or Capcut. Layering is the key!

  6. Bonus points to entries that tag a friend with an op-z or midi controller in the comments on our contest post in instagram✌️ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Videolab Creators linktree https://linktr.ee/videolabcreators



those video packs are absolute master works. i admire the effort that went into them. i know how difficult it is to make them in unity.
but i dont know, i feel like a video pack doest have enough perimeters to be a true artistic expression for a person who downloads them. as a musician or a graphical artist you want to have “your own thing” , using a downloaded video pack feels like rehashing some one else’s work, with out adding something original into it or building upon it.
I think only a maker of a video pack is a true winner of this contest.
i wander if its possible to download the original unity file, and replace things with ones own 3d objects and elements.

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I completely understand this sentiment. This is where the creative person takes the original idea and adds their own spin rather than just loading a videopak up and letting it play in the background, here are a few ways to mix it up.

Display Ideas:
You can run these video’s through anything, projector / monitor / iphone / ipad. You can use greenscreen under your gear to have an audiovisual background. Tons of flexibility in how to display the paks.

Automation Ideas:
Next, you are able to AUTOMATE every paramater which allows you to completely change the orginal look of the videopak. Between these 6 videopaks you can create any mood your thinking of with a little effort.

Check out how I altered the “All seeing eye” after a few tweaks with the FX, there are all kinds of different possibilities after you start stacking the FX on top of each other.


I think the best way to go about using these paks is to select the one that best fits the mood of the song your going to produce, and then really sit down and start mashing things up and automating and erasing, making new patterns with the paks, its just like composing music when you start automating the FX.

If your into building your own paks and want to replace your own elements then I encourage you to approach the original artist with your idea.

I’ve swapped out elements for other musicians before and if this is something that interests you then try it out!

Cheers dude, hope this inspires you in some way to just download these things and spend some time automating and tweaking parameters, lots of possibilities here it’s all about spending an afternoon with them.:v:t3:

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i see video packs more like a demo of that you can do in unity, if you put your mind to it.

but, im going to take up on this creative challenge, and hope to prove my self wrong. :rainbow:

thanks for the EPPIC video packs :pray: they are incredible !

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Sounds good! I would say focus on the Shader Tunnels pak and the PartyCool pak if you want more happy creative accidents to occur! Try to mess with the windows or mac builds as well, they play back at higher framerates and fidelity -

Last Day to make a jam using one of these 6 videopaks! If you have an older track that’s ready to go and can just focus on videopak sequencing then give it a shot and win some prizes =) - Alright last post on this thing, thanks for all that entered✌🏼

thanks for the reminder, almost made it on time.
just posted on your discord (i dont have instagram though)
but i thought i post it here as well, just for the fun

wanted to do something special with a video pack, so i have made a spherical video. (not sure if 360 view works in imbedded player, so you might have to watch it on youtube to get full 360 experience)
…i tottaly enjoyed the challenge,. thanks !