The weather is warm and muggy so time to do some jamming on the OP-1 outside.

Hi all, this is my first post here and I must say that there is lots of useful information here so I am glad that I found this website! :slight_smile:
I did this glitchy and lo-fi live jam with the OP-1 using the beta firmware.
These 2 tracks are mostly sample based with some usage of the new
arpeggiator. Also using the drumsampler (max 12 seconds of sampling
time) for the lo-fi vocals and the piano. Sampling 24 piano layers in 12
seconds was quite a challenge with 0,5 seconds a sample so I’ve pitched
every layer up 36 semitones before sampling and pitched it 36 semitones
down on the OP-1 again… Using the Nitro (lowpass) filter to get rid of
the nasty aliasing. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Cheers.

@rephazer this is amazing. Always impressed to hear complete tracks like this come out of the OP. Great production. Would love to mess around with that Piano patch if you’re feeling generous :wink:


Thanks a lot man! I’ll see what I can do… I am not near my OP-1 at the moment and I need to save it as a snapshot first, since the piano sounds awful without the effect settings :wink: I’ll take a look at it tonight. Cheers!

Superb track @rephazer, thanks for the share :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening guys! Cheers.

Nice one dude. No worries if you don’t get round to it. Just that it’s the kind of piano sound I was planning to get round to trying to put in my OP using Kontakt and some tape Plugins. Would save me some hassle :wink:

At least I can tell you all how I did the Piano.

With the Drumsampler you have 12 seconds of sampling time per preset. The keyboard has 24 keys so that’s exactly 0.5 seconds (= 4 steps on 120 bpm) per sample.

First I rendered a full piano with all release time removed and on it’s lowest (darkest) velocity setting using 32 steps on 120 bpm = 4 seconds per sample.

Pitched all samples 36 semitones up after rendering so all samples have a duration of exactly 0.5 seconds again. (3 octaves = 3 times dividing the sample duration by 2)

Now you can just drag & drop 24 samples of your choice with the great Xfer OP-1 Drum utility and pitch it 36 semitones down again.

I personally decided that I would like to have low piano notes as well as high piano notes on the 24 keys so I used 8 samples for the low octave and 16 samples for the high octave (all chromatically) and that works quite well… If I need to reach a note on the low octave that isn’t available I just pitch the tape speed up or down on the track I am working on, but of course you can decide yourself how you want to map these things out.

After importing it in the OP-1 it will sound awful though so you really must use a filter (Nitro/Punch for example) to get rid of the nasty aliasing.

I hope this helps… quite some work, but it can be rewarding :wink:

@rephazer thanks for the info. Dang, that sounds like a long process! Hopefully I’ll get round to it at some point. The resulting patch sounds good :slight_smile:

stunning jam. all goes together nicely, great performance.

stunning jam. all goes together nicely, great performance.

Thanks a lot!