There MUST be a solution

I need some help on this, just point me in the right direction.
I don’t have a real “computer” anymore. Had a relatively solid refurb Mac when i got my OP1, and they communicated well together. But the laptop has since shuffled loose the mortal coil, and i’ve been stuck looking for solutions ever since. i’ve had two tablets and a couple of smartphones, and i thought they might suffice for connecting to the OP1. Mind you, i’m not talking about MIDI over usb, or any other sync action, no DAW, no VSTs. I just want a relatively simple way to store finished songs from the Album, tape tracks, and drumkits/snapshots etc. But i have had nothing but trouble with USB/OTG on the smartphones, not recognizing the TE drive, even after buying exFAT32 app to recognize the files, im hitting a brick wall. Even when i get them to connect and recognize the other, the OP1 transfer keeps “failing to create drum patch”. Or I get a weird paragraph in white on my OP1 screen that kinda scares me, and i don’t want to think about what that means.
I am aware of the Kingston mobile products as being used for file transfers, but how do you navigate the files you’re storing without an interface?
Do I just need to buy a computer? maybe i was foolish hoping an android smartphone or tablet to handle file storage, with SD cards etc. I don’t have the means to buy more of a device than what i need, and what i need seems fairly straightforward. Maybe i’m way off base? Help me, OP 1 Community. You’re my only hope.

Maybe it’s the otg cable?

Never had any problems with Android phones and OTG cables. So, yeah, check yer cable. =)

I’m using an iPhone to transfer the data from the OP1 to the Kingston thingy. Works perfectly!

I have tried a few things like the OTG cables and wifi backup devices like the Kingston and Apotop one, honestly i would say that the reliability can be an issue and on 2 occasions I have lost files using the Kingston (plenty of times I did not, but 2 is 2 too many)

So my advice would be get a netbook or similar, never had any issues with my msi wind netbook it is win xp and ancient but you can still get refurbished ones for not much money.
I am aware of the Kingston mobile products as being used for file transfers, but how do you navigate the files you're storing without an interface?

There is an app for your phone/tablet, and you connect via wifi to navigate the files. It acts as a sort of wifi hub.

Essentially, it sounds like you're trying really hard to find an alternative to a computer, when you really just need a computer.

Spend $2-300 on a second/third hand small laptop and an external HD, just use it as a file storage/management device. Ask friends, etc if they have something simple lying around. I have a mate who gave me his 2009 Macbook Air simply because he's upgraded twice since then and they're worth nothing on the used market. My wife uses it just as a web browser.

Without being too a-holey about it, I reckon there's a bit too much obsession these days with going computer-less. I've been guilty of this too, but then I always have to think "yep, I'm going CPU-less now, just my OP1 and Circuit. Oh, wait..."


I do agree @millbastard with you on obsessing over PClessness too much.
Having said that, it does access a different part of the brain- which may be part of why we love our hardware so much.
Perhaps more importantly my RAVpower file hub and mobile app take up so much less space in bag and accepts flash drive and SD cards. Plus its a battery for my (poor) iPod battery.
I haven’t yet deleted tracks from OP-1 with it,jus backed up, but works great.

Personally I’ve had no issues using an old Galaxy S5 with an OTG adapter, but using the RAVpower FileHub and iphone it hiccups fairly often…missing tape tracks or presets after transfer.

One good reason to have a PC handy is the OP-1 Drum Utility, no replacement for that on Android or iOS as of yet. It can run on just about any lightweight DAW, don’t need much RAM or processor power either. I’d go with a Windows OS though, not a netbook level OS.

Actually yes I agree with you guys and go back on my last post…computers rule for back up of tape data.

What about carrying a simple pendrive for the backups? You can find a computer in any town/city these days

I know I’m not helpful here but got an email from Monoprice for a win 10 small notebook $179.