'This City' AV performance

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a new piece I’ve been working on for a while. This one is an AV performance, all the visuals being produced by custom software and controlled live via the various hardware instruments/controllers.

For the OP-1 I’m playing the bassline sequence with it and then feeding it through the OTO Bim near the end of the track together with ever-favourite-effect CWO for some delay messiness. They make a nice little pair :slight_smile:

This City on Vimeo

This City Tech Walkthrough on Vimeo

Brilliant. Thanks for posting. Lovin’ this. Is the visual software capable of running other scenes? I’m thinking in terms of a stage performance where each song could have a different visual representation e.g. the city with the cars like you have it here, a shopping mall with people in the city, a street scene with people, a nightclub scene etc

Thanks! The visuals software is custom built just for the traffic sim, so nothing else in there for now. But yeah it would be fun to have a small set of songs each with different visual scenes for sure, it’s something I’ve been thinking about a bit!

Beautiful. Loving when the zero gravity kicks in.