this website is broken

I keep trying to post and it shows i posted and then it disappears and logs me out. What is going on ?

My profile still shows i posted but the post does not show !!

Which browser are you using?

Everytime i am logged in, if i click on the pocket operators link, i automatically get logged out and it does not show my posts !

This does not happen when i click on any other discussion category link ! Only when i go to pocket operator category link, it auto logs me off evry time. Weird.

Strangest problem i have EVER seen on a website/forum…

Is there even such a thing as a moderator here ? Or any way to contact someone when there are account problems ???

I see nothing…


I am using chrome latest version

It works for me on safari using an iPad.

Frustrating… Too many computer problems lately…

Doesn’t make any sense. It only happens when i click the pocket operators category…Logged out everytime/my post dissapears.

Moderator ?

this happens to me sometimes on safari. it seems to just go away on its own. hasn’t gotten me as sour as milkyjoe here but i feel u dude

Got the same issue this morning on FF39

Problem still there

I’ve had this happen on other Vanilla forums and it can be frustrating. I just tried it from my iPhone and it seems to work on my end; I don’t know if it’s an oddball server side issue or what. I’m an Admin and I’ll see what I can do, though tbh I don’t know that there’s much I can take care of. @dimi3 is the site/server owner

As condescending as it sounds have you tried clearing your cookies/cache? That helped for me the last time it happened.

I also see your posts from yesterday in the PO Cases thread @milkyjoe so I’m definitely leaning further towards cookie/cache issue.

so this site has had these problems off and on and I can’t see a consistent reason.

There is an update to vanilla which I’ll look into.

this happens to me frequently, using Safari. it always fixes itself, per session, by simply refreshing the page after i’ve “seemingly” been kicked off.

i will look into cookies and caching to see what might be up. i am really busy so might need a few days-ish

"give it a second, it’s going to space"

even with Safari’s relaxed attitude, the forum sometimes does things the browser doesn’t show (log in being one). the other problem is that Chrome employs ever more aggressive caching, whereby if one doesn’t observe http headers (including afterthoughts) to the dot, the browser vendor has an excuse not to employ common sense, Google being at the forefront of causing devs headache. mod(s) deserve a break here since nowadays it takes a rocket scientist to make this shit work.

find the modifier keys which force a refresh of the browser, hold them, and hit the refresh “button”.

I use iPod to browse.This sight is fine.Korgs forum sometimes kicks me off (mid reply), but even that has seemed to fix itself.

Safari with wifi hotspot.

Android stock internet browser here, no sign outs but a few gremlins when posting messages. Nothing to complain about though :slight_smile:

The only time I ever have issues is with my crappy Windows Phone on internet explorer. 2/3rds of the time the pages just won’t load. That fault is all Windows, I have that issue with other random sites.