Thoughts on Waldorf Blofeld?

Any Blofeld users here? I have lusted after one for ages and think it might be time to hook my monomachine up for some p-lock fun. A good fit?

Also, odd query, does the desktop version have a flat bottom? I want to velcro it to my controller keyboard.

It’s pretty sweet if you’re wanting to get into some deep programming, as that’s where the Blofeld really shines. I had a lot of fun with it but ultimately got rid of it. Got great sounds out of it but took to long for me.

Yes, my Blofeld is good friends with my Machinedrum, parameter locks are cool :slight_smile:

It’s a great synth to program even with so few knobs! Multimode is a bit annoying as it is easy to switch multi’s by accident while editing and ending up loosing your work… so save often!

It (the destop module) has four small rubber feet but is otherwise flat, I have had mine sitting on top of other synths without issues (or velcro).

This synth is pretty versatile, and I got good growling basses out of it, as well as flutes or pads… P-locking it is really good, opens up what you can get from it.
Be gentle with the encoders, they are said to be fragile (mine have had no trouble in a year) and they are a bit slippery (that’s why I prefer my OT encoders)
If you can choose the color, get the black : it seems to resell better.
Maybe get a used one at first, in France you can get a second-hand for 220€ which is pretty cheap !
Only thing to check are the encoders.

Agree about having a thorough test on any used Blofield. Both mine and a friends had flakey encoders within a few months. To the point where sometimes we could barely even select patches. Sold mine for that reason. Great synth/sampler though. The multi-timbral aspect makes me sometimes think about getting the desktop version for use with OT but I’m paranoid about the encoders…

I have no issues with the encoders and think the quality is much better than the ones that the Micro Q used to have.

I got mine new, but agree always thoroughly test any second hand gear for loose audio connectors, bad encoders and wobbly pots…

Cheers for the responses guys.

Mine is the Desktop version, btw.

Both mine and my friends were keyboard version. And very early after release. Hopefully waldorf fixed the encoders issue since then. Sounds like they possibly did. They weren’t loose to the touch/wiggly. They just wouldn’t respond when turning sometimes or would overshoot. To the point where we had a show and couldn’t select the right patch… Sold it the next day…

Only issue with testing is that I typically have to buy used via ebay. I will make a point about asking about the encoders. Cheers.

There’s was too much menu diving for me so I got rid. I know the little beast can do A LOT though! The black my resell higher but the white looks sharper aesthetically.

Using an external sequencer like the one from Monomachine or Octatrack enables to get rid of the menu diving, I think Blofeld is a good expander :slight_smile:

The matrix shown on the front of the synth enables to access basic parameters directly without menu diving…
You get there the 3 osc params + the two filters + env + LFOs and even the modulation matrix entries ! More than enough for tweaking the sound already…

Only 4 CCs on the MNM though, is it possible to set up CCs as a source in the matrix? RTFM I guess! :slight_smile:

Blofeld plus Tenori-on as a sequencer must be the Hit!

Only 4 CCs on the MNM though, is it possible to set up CCs as a source in the matrix? RTFM I guess! :)

You have 4CC per track. So you can set 4x6 CCs in total. You just have to set the MIDI channels to be the one of the external synth.

Oh yeah, d'uh! :) Found a good editor for TB Midi Stuff on the iPad too if anyone is interested:

I love the sound of it.

Multi-mode is a little… how should I put it… patience inducing.
And I’m not a fan of the way patches aren’t organized as copies within a multi, a’la Nord or Elektron.
My other gripe is LFO destinations are in the Matrix only, rather than also in the LFO section. A bit annoying.

Monomachine is indeed a great sequencer for it.

Here’s a couple of things I did with the combo, with drums coming out of the SL .wav option:

If I were to try it out again, I’d probably go for the Sledge 2.0 black version.

I was GASing for one.
But I bought a 2nd OP-1 instead :slight_smile:

Regarding encoder issues, which plagued it for years, I’m pretty sure the last firmware update resolved them in many cases.