Through FX pedals back onto tape

Hey guys, is there any way of recording OP1 through FX pedals and back into line in?

Horrendous feedback occurs for obvious reasons but I would love to find a way of doing it, so that I can keep my compositions ‘in house’ on OP1 rather than using a DAW.

Any suggestions welcome

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I don’t think there is a way to do an effect loop on the OP-1 without some other device. When I do stuff like this, it’s in the DAW.

I’d love to be wrong and learn a new trick though! lol

I have a feeling somebody from the old forum (might have even been from the old, old forum had a trick up their sleeves for this. I remember a pic they uploaded describing what to do.

@docshermsticks was it you by any chance?

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ya it was me. i can’t find the pic anymore. either on my HD or on the forum

all u need is a splitter cable.
basically u just split the tape tracks using panning into 2 tracks (left and right)
one is your master track and the other is your FX send.
master track output goes to speaker/mixer
FX send output goes to your external device
output of external device goes to OP1 input

then in the tape screen select one of the master tracks
that u want to record your fx send track to
and u should be good to go, no feedback loop.

this only works w/ tape tracks only
i.e. u have to record to tape first.
live playing will result in a feedback loop

heres the original link where i explained it in more detail

but every post i found on the forum the image is just a lil question mark… bummer


Ah nice one, that’s the fella :wink:

Sweet thanks @docshermsticks you the man!


Thanks for this one too Doc!!! I didn’t know about this hack

bumping this b/c i think more ppl should know & use this send // return technique