Tightening down the OP-Z! LOOSE BACK, Knobs

I finally decided to tighten everything down on my OP-Z, I used the famous plumbers tape fix on the bearings and pots on the front and they are solid as a rock now.

For the backplate, my knobs on the back we’re always twisting and allowing the backplate to open or come off and it was always shaky and rattly.
So for this I used a couple of my kids thin hair rubber bands, as you can see in the photo if you wrap them around the pegs of the back panel and then push them against the back when you’re closing it and twist the knobs it will add a little bit of push back it’ll reduce all of the vibration and the knobs will be harder to twist and they will stay in place like they’re supposed to.


Registered just to say thank you for this post!


You can also use a jewelers screwdriver to tighten those black screws within the yellow shafts.


@msmiley78 - your next task will be to attend to that little crack in your on/off/volume switch.


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Does the Bluetooth button still work, even after adding that extra gap?

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I appreciate the tip.

I did try this, although with no improvement unfortunately. I twisted down in them pretty hard and they didn’t seem to tighten up any, and the cover still had a vibration. But it’s along the same thinking.

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If you have a look at the rubber feet that will soon be available on ifixit (https://de.ifixit.com/Store/Generic/OP-Z-Rubber-Feet/IF237-015?o=1):
I’ve got the feeling, that the two parts are not necessarily screwed together in the genereal sense. It looks more like the rubber part is inserted in the hard plastic part and the screw then only “extends” the inner rubber part to keep it in place.
So it MIGHT help to loosen the screws, press the two parts together as tight as comfortable and screw again. I’m just afraid to try :wink:

Thank you, welcome! It’s awesome that you are here, this board and the reddits are my go-to’s for reaching out.



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This is a great question, yes the Bluetooth button still works just fine. I do not sense that I need to push on it any harder than I did before. I probably been mashing on it too hard all this time anyways.

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Yes, this is from a very unfortunate fall that might precious took and landed directly on the volume knob. at the time I noticed it felt a little looser, you’re the first to notice the crack, even I didn’t see it then because when you take the knob out, the crack is almost invisible. Good eye. Time to email TE and ask for another. I was most afraid after it dropped because I thought that the pot would break off of the board, but it seemed to be okay. I guess the only casualty was the plastic knob itself.

I had the same issue with my back plate being loose and rattling, so I just put a single piece of electrical tape across the back and it seem to help out tremendously! I’m gonna have to try the rubber band method though for my loose rubber feet.

Is everyone’s backplate loose? Mines loose for sure.

I think I saw someone replace their volume knob with some end of a biro or something. Seems a good idea, albeit, less aesthetic.

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looks bloody good, eh? £500 haha.

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At least it’s being used…

Thank you so much! This just helped me, my loose backplate has been driving me crazy! What is the plumbers tape fix you mentioned? One of my knobs came off the other day and my heart skipped a few beats before I got it back on. It feels fine but it never happened before and now I’m worried it will get loose and start falling out.

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Hey, I’m really glad this helped, that’s the great thing about the archiving power of the internet, some questions were answered a long time ago, but it still works. Take knob and bearing out of the OP-Z, wrap a piece of plumbers tape around the bearing and push it back into the OP-Z, then do the same with the pole of the knob and push it into the bearing, it should be pretty firm, careful not to roll the tape up around the edges of the pole while pushing it back in. This should work for QUITE a while. All the best.