So, this has been brought up lots before but wondering if anyone has made any advances in workarounds etc?

It would make the OP a hundred times more useful to me as a sampler/looper if it even only had an option for time strech when playing a sample chromatically. Even if it was just a super minimal feature where each note/key matched the sample’s original length. Nothing tape or clock related etc. ANY time strech option somewhere would be great. My microsampler does a pretty good job if I’m desperate for polyphonic time stretched samples. But bit surprised that a sampler receiving updates in 2016 has no time strech function at all. Any workarounds?



@sloth thanks dude. Yeah I saw that when I was looking round. It’s a cool effect but not really what I’m looking for in this instance. I’d like to be able to sample a loop or a note of an instrument, and then play that chromatically across the keys, with all notes being the same length… Don’t think it’s possible on OP.

Time stretch it in some other software and save it as a drum kit?

Yeah that would work but vibe killer… I knew OP didn’t do time stretch before I bought it so it’s not a big deal. But I just used the OP radio for first time and grabbed a weird orchestral loop and want to play it chromatically, but it’s not really working with different keys being different lengths. Would have been cool to be able to quickly get where I wanted while staying inside OP. Just one those things I guess :wink:

good timestretch is wildly cpu-intensive. op1 hasn’t got it. enjoy the amazing battery life and all other capabilities.

good timestretch is wildly cpu-intensive. op1 hasn't got it. enjoy the amazing battery life and all other capabilities.

Haha, I am :wink: I’d be down for even a ‘bad’ timestretch though :wink: just as an option for sometimes. The microsampler timestrech across chromatic doesn’t sound great but still pretty useful.

Is there a way to change the pitch while maintaining the tempo of the samples?
Help me T_T :sob:

The technique you need to do this has a name: timestretching.
I thus moved your post to the right discussion.

Short answer: no, but there are workarounds. Have a read above ^^

What exactly is the OP radio? Do you mean sampling from the radio via the OP-1?

The OP one has a built-in FM radio receiver