Timing Problems with OP-1

Hello dear comunity!

some weeks ago I bought an op-1. I realized that when I trigger the op-1 with midinotes from Ableton for example a hookline with lots of relative fast notes, it happens that some of them get stucked a little or left out. Not allways, some bars is working then again some litle but annoyng mistakes. I use win xp 32 bit.Ableton live 9. Does annybody knows about that problem and maybe how to solve it? I would be very thanksfull for any usefull tips. This op-1 one is such an amazing instrument and his sound is like wild honey… Just this described problems are driving me mad!

Thanks in advance!

The only quick check is to make sure you have the “charging while on” setting turned off. Mine would have stuck notes and missed notes when it is on and works perfectly while off.

Hi Telengard!! Thank you very much for that tip!! I will try it.

Ableton Live is notorious for abysmal (maybe abysmal is too harsh…) MIDI timing with external instruments.