[TIP] OP-1F & Retrokits RK-006 play nicely together

For those looking to use their OP-1F as a controller for TRS or DIN MIDI equipment, I can report that the combination of the OP-1F and the RK-006 work nicely. There’s no need for the Retrokits OTG cable and external power; it runs just fine off of the USB-C port.

I’ve got the combination of my OP-1F and a 1010music lemondrop (disclaimer: I work for 1010music, but this should work with any MIDI hardware) and a TX-6, and it makes a nice little bit of kit.

Hope that helps someone else!


isn’t the field already a USB MIDI HOST? so wouldn’t the RK be unneccessary?

You need it if you’re going to connect to a device like the lemondrop that doesn’t have USB midi, only TRS.

Does the op-1F power the RK-006?

Yup! That’s kind of the cool part. One fewer brick / cable / battery. I wasn’t sure it would.

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Love it. Great option to sync up to ten midi or PO/volca devices.

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ya sure but basically any class compliant usb midi adapter will do the trick then
to go from USB to DIN // TRS
will draw less power too prolly unless ofc u need all the hub features and what not of hte RK

to be clear not trying to neg at all
just wanna make things clear for others who may or may not fully understand
the science behind these things :stuck_out_tongue: