Tips and Tricks thread digested into Markdown


I’ve digested the meat of the OP-1 Tips and Tricks thread into a single Markdown file and put it up on Github, so you don’t have to.

It’s had minimal editing, possibly looks ugly, and will almost certainly never be touched by me again - I only did it to gather the good stuff ready for a long flight. If someone wants to send a fantastic pull request I might look at it, but this is several thousand degrees left of my day job :).

In other words, this is a one-off, never-to-be-repeated exercise, for me at least.

You can do whatever you want with it. One idea might be to fork it and make a wiki from it.

You can look at it here: OP1Tips digested . If you’re a GitHub user who wants to fork your own copy, clone it from here: Have fun.

Note I’ve not read the tips in detail, just skimmed and corrected a few examples of drunk typing. There may be errors and there may be language that offends - sorry about that, none of it comes from me and I’ll happily bowdlerize if requested - the OP1 is surely a tool/toy for all ages and I don’t want any grief.

And finally: a HUGE thank you to the hundreds of contributors to the thread. Awesome.


Thank you!

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Excellent work.

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I just got my OP-1 today so this is perfect

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@robrain: thanks - appreciate this, and toot away!