Tips on using a Beatstep with an OP-1?


Does anyone have any tips and tricks for using a Beatstep with an OP-1 please?

I’ve just ordered one, kind of on a whim, and watched the video on how to set it up on YouTube, but that’s about it.



All I know is it’ll require a MIDI host. I’m also curious.

Can you please link to that YouTube vid?


You’ll need a midi host to get them talking.
So OP-Lab or KentonMidi Host or midiBridge ( i think the app is, but ive never got it to work properly).

Here’s a couple of my videos using the OP-1 and Beatstep

Thanks @spacetravelmadeeasy - I have it up and running with the MidiBridge App and I’ve been jamming along quite happily now :slight_smile: Nice videos!

@Unflattered - This is the video I watched to help me configure the Beatstep:

And here’s a photo of my setup… Out of shot is a powered USB hub.

And here's a photo of my setup... Out of shot is a powered USB hub.

You just broke this all down for me on Instagram! That’s how I knew even the most rudimentary part!

Ahh of course :slight_smile: Small world!

Ahh of course :) Small world!

I’ve been using Xynthesizr to sequence into the OP-1. Works like a charm.

But does the Beatstep not send MIDI out?

I made a video using the Beatstep with a Microbrute and OP-1. Not sure if there is anything that would be useful for you.

Something I did when I still owned one:

Neat trick is to scale down the clock of the beatstep, like Beatstep@30BPM and OP-1@120BPM (this is a 1:4 scaling) .
With that you now can sequence the OP-1 sequencers :slight_smile: it’s a pretty neat trick I do with other sequencers.