Spent bit more time on it last night. Cool sequencer. Couple of things -

Is it normal for the speed to gradually reduce automatically?

If yes then I’m guessing it’s meant to be more of a random kind of thing, and not syncable?

Absolutely! It’s random and not syncable. I find it’s good for generating rhythmic ideas or just general randomness.

Absolutely! It's random and not syncable. I find it's good for generating rhythmic ideas or just general randomness.

Cool thanks. Yeah def nice tool for random stuff.

if u turn the gravity off doesn’t it keep spinning?

Yep, even with gravity full on it keeps spinning too. On the earlier point, it can slow down and can also speed up - it depends on the various settings. The main idea behind it is that it’s a random sequence generator that sparks ideas. So, not syncable and not predictable either.

Seemed to be slowing down with all settings I was using. But they were pretty random. I’ll see if I can figure out how to keep it from slowing down. Though like you say, the point of it seems to be random inspiration etc so all cool either way.

Only way to avoid the slowing don is to keep your hand on it I’m afraid :wink:

Was playing Tombola last night. Within 1 minute my 4 year old was over to join in,as ever, so I decided to see what he made of Tombola (He’s normally recording voice straight to tape).
He got so excited with maxing blue that he plulled the knob off. Then this became a whole new game. The more I got nervous with him snapping it off ,the more it amused him. He was in a boisterous mood.
Not the blissful zen moment of fun I’d hoped to replicate. He’s goin’a wanna pull them off every time now.

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This was what I was inspired and hoping for …
@LyingDalai said

My kids showed me how to use Tombola to get a shitload of notes and then isolate one… Like what they do with this

I used the tombola quite a lot and i never realized any slow down. Sometimes i had it running throughout a whole song. Is it only getting slower a tiny bit? Maybe i haven’t noticed it.

Yep, a tiny bit indeed… It’s not a real pb per se, IMO. Maybe a feature to ensure randomness :slight_smile:

Yeah here it goes down from 11 to 10 pretty quick then continues to very slowly decrease. It’s gradual though, can’t really hear it slowing down.

I use it to control my Little Phatty as I tweak it to make some interesting sequences and soundscapes.
Some of the stuff approaches modular territory. :slight_smile:

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yep, just add some delay to the LP, pick some Tombola notes, vary the gravity, mass, etc

I use the OP-1 directly with the LP using my Kenton MIDI host to convert USB MIDI to DIN-5, no computer needed :slight_smile:

Can someone tell me how to get Tombola to play as slowly as possible? Is the Tombola somehow linked to tempo? If so, I suppose I could slow the BPM down, but it doesn’t seem to be linked to the master tempo at all.


I think it’s not synced to anything, just Tombola. Maybe with shift you can adjust more?