tonal adjustment

I have wanted an op-1 for a while because it looks unique and wickedly intuitive. I read this interview from Richard D James where he talks about how micro-tonal adjustment should be built in to all synths because that is the future of music and the standard 12 tone scale is holding people back from making interesting music (my words).

So my question is how would you do this on the op-1? how finely can you adjust pitch? if you can’t adjust the scale on the piano keyboard is there a way of using the sampler and repitching each not individually?

Cheers and happy new year.

You can detune, but no temperament adjustment.

Sucks balls, I would love a menu where we could set a detune per note. For now best way is to use some midi app on the ipad or pc.
BTW this question has been asked before…

i did search but no joy. thanks for replying!