Will try this asap.

Sounds super awesome @JohnnyEgo! But what do you mean by Pure Data? Do I need to know Pure data?

just try it. I think it’s some kind of pure data
That sound that iam talking about is generated by mass.
If i run my machinedrum in this mode into the op1,it will do a sound even if the MD is stopped because there is a little voltage comin out of the machinedrum outputs to op1 in.
That mass,straight to every synth engine,tweakable,fxable sounds awesome depth.
If i then start my MD i think you can not hear just incoming signal like in the other 3 modes that i’ve described…
It’s more like the incoming data will generate this sound…like I/O from stereo ring and tip goes straight to the engine!
Keyboard just sets the note. Try it. It’s really cool.

even the vocoder options are really over the top,cause its not a typical vocoder like microkorg has it is even deeper because sound signal goes straight to the synth engine of your choice.
Find a sweetspot,twiddle around and you will hear how good the sound is.

The op1 is for operators…so pleaze operate! :slight_smile:
If you have read the manual you will know where to find the functions inside the op1 but not exactly what they do and how the signal is generated.

Practice and get deep into it. 799€ is cheap cheap cheap for this awesome type of gear.

…i think this mode will fit in your modular Set as well. Just run bass drum or maybe the gate click signal into the op and it will blow ya mind.

HaveFun. ()()()

Trying this tonight @JohnnyEgo! Thanks! :smiley:

Frickin hell! Just plugged my Nord Drum v1( controlled by iPad / Nord Beat app) into the OP-1 and I’m truly blown away. The DNA and Cluster engines work best for me with this setup but all the others sound really promising, I’ll just need more time to tweak them into the same dirty, sinister, lofi realm DNA and Cluster bring on so effortlessly. Not that I haven’t been in a highly creative mode these past months but learning new tricks like this just makes me write more & more (not necessarily bad :slight_smile: ) music. Why haven’t I tried this before. All in all @JohnnyEgo, thanks for the tip, it’s priceless! :slight_smile:

Yeah this trick was pretty mindblowing. Can´s say that I really understand it yet, but got some crazy sounds!!

…hell yeah…

and this is 1 of the OP1 capabilities!.but influenced by your incoming source.

This thing is deeper then others…because this is rough programming with a lot of brain inside.

TheOp1 is Deep. no way to publish the Operator as some kind of Hipster stuff. it’s a full blown Synthesizer creatin’ NEW stuff, boys.

iam into it. for sure.

Got a video of the effect? :slight_smile:

Do you mean using Pure Data as in PD the visual programming language?

I don´t think so :slight_smile:

How 'bout a step-by-step for some of us (me) slower folk? : )

Plus 1 on that comment. I could get it to work, but it sounded god-awful, not tonal at all.

You have to play the notes for it to be tonal… like an old school voicebox. pretty dope

I was playing notes, but probably with the wrong synth engine, or settings. Which is why I (and am sure some others too) would like a video showing the exact settings for everything.

Can someone post some examples of how this sounds? I’ve tried modulating various settings via microphone and input. Some of them worked sort of vocoder-ish, but I haven’t able to produce anything too impressive. The incoming signal needs to be seriously amplified and even then the synth sound overwhelms it.

I was always curious about what that “sound icon” mod destination really did. With G as the source it can change pitch and loudness and produce some tuned noise.

(Similarly, I never figured out the exact principle behind sigma mod source. It seems like it routes synth output to mod destination, but that doesn’t fully explain its behavior.)

…iam asking myself for what’s the M in the element LFO section?. G stands for gyroscope @gambler play notes and shake your operator.

synths sound is present on blue/orange. white is some kind of follower and green is pure.

…just try line in and press shift and mic to set level for input. works good.

i think it’s weird too, but weirdkids deliver weird stuff. that’s level 2 on the operator! no cool pics just sound and figuring + twiddling + erection.


@tribrix—listen to your Heartbeat,Boy.

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