Total mind blank - how do you change octaves while entering notes in Endless Sequencer?

For the life of me I can’t remember how to do this.


Try the arrow keys :wink:

I think arrow keys only work while you’re playing the sequence. I don’t think it’s possible to create a sequence over a larger range than the keyboard.

you’re right @yoof, it’s only during playback (finally starting learning these sequencers… >.>)

Really? I could have sworn I’ve done it before.

Hmmm…well, no wonder I can’t remember!

Arrow keys erase or move step forward.

Let me know if you figure something out. I’ve never pulled it off. I’ve also never pressed lift or drop (the only keys with up or down arrows) while entering a sequence.

there’s nothing in the manual about it, and I tried all sorts of shift+ combinations. Seems a bit of an oversight o.O

one thing u can do to simulate this, is to write your sequence, then when you are playing it back u can jump octaves w/ the arrow buttons.

edit: oops already mentioned above! i think finger would be the ideal sequencer for this