Total newbie question about the Novation Circuit (and also OP-1)

Hello there, thanks for indulging my ignorance. I’m in the market for a little synth/sequencer device as a way of adding textures and sounds to a three-piece guitar band. I seem to have narrowed my choice down to the OP-1 or Circuit. One of my many questions is to whether we can use the MIDI trigger function on a Roland SPD-S sample pad to start a sequence running on either of these instruments. As a guitarist, I might have my hands full, but it would be great for our drummer to start a loop or session running during a song. Thank you so much in advance.

Maybe better take the circuit. For the Op-1 you’ll need an USB-host like a Kenton, Op-lab, or iconnect Midi. Even tho the Op 1 would be more versatile for the textures…

Maybe a looper like the Boss RC Series would better fit your needs?

And rumours are that there will be a big circuit themed announcement from novation tomorrow. Circuit pro on the cards?

I have a Circuit and an OP1.

I think the OP1 is in a totally different league to the Circuit but, based on the info you’ve given, Circuit is more suited to your needs. If I was you I would actually buy a Circuit and a LaunchControlXL.

Circuit is:
considerably cheaper
easier to trigger, class compliant etc
much more accessible than the OP1 - anyone can program a Circuit in 60 seconds
features sample import, synth patch editing/tweaking/sharing/loading
online synth patch store launching soon
massive user community with cool shit
highly portable
sounds awesome
pretty lights
can run on batteries or mains

Tomorrow’s announcement will be another epic software update for Circuit, not any new hardware.

Check out the Circuit Users group on Facebook, officially supported by Novation, for loads more info, examples, video and audio. Good luck!