Tourist - OP-1f and TP7

For those interested, here’s a video of the artist Tourist. Whole interview is quite interesting - this is where he talks about his use of the OP-1f and the TP7:


Loved it, thanks for sharing.

I left this comment on the video, may as well leave it here too:

Great interview. Hadn’t heard of Tourist before… fired up some tracks. Good stuff!
Interesting that earlier on in the interview he talks about converting synth/soft synth midi tracks to audio, then deleting the midi from the project. Chopping the audio, reversing, adding effects. Maybe putting it back in a sampler - this is the exact workflow of the OP-1 / OP-1 Field - so it makes sense he gets on well with that. You can have the assistance of a midi part at the start, but then it’s all audio. I’ve really enjoyed that way of working on mine.

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