TP7 internal mic sensitivity

I own a Zoom H4N and a Tascam DR-10C with a cheap lav mic, and a Google Pixel 6 mobile phone.
I’ve had the TP-7 since the 16th of August.

I own a few other mics and preamps (and a lot of synths) and I completely understand the difference between those and an internal mic on a small device, however, I still find that the TP7 mic is very sensitive and distorts very easily when I use it as I would a regular dictaphone to record my voice.

I do talk a bit loud, but when comparing to my Pixel 6 phone (the closest in mic size / type I own probably), the Pixel 6 is not clipping at the same volume of speech.

Has anybody else noticed this on their TP7 or do you feel the internal mic sensivitiy is about right? I know currently that there is no internal mic gain setting.

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i find it quite sensitive too. more than i expected