TP7 possible updates?

I heard there was a little birdy saying that there will be some great updates to the TP7? Anyone know more?

I’m a bit on the fence with the TP7, I love it’s aesthetic, and design, but I’m still trying to figure out is it worth it, or will an update make it really worth it?

i can share my perspective a bit and if this relates to you at all perhaps it will help. so i got it for an interview project that needed a few independent tracks of live music interwoven and mixed in. kind of a messy project but the tp7 turned what would have been 3 or 4 folks working for dozens of hours editing into a purely in realtime commitment with almost no post processing. my colleagues were amazed and it really served its purpose. i happened to be kind of a te fanboy to begin with and i decided to keep it rather than sell it when i started using it to record all my practice sessions with immediate overdubbing and the quality of my music increased quite a bit. this quality increase i think came almost entirely from one thing: just from the fact that instead of having to recreate later on (next day or evening) those rare inspiring moments from the practice room, i could use those musical recordings straight away in my final productions. instead of my practice recordings being reference recordings, they were now always studio quality and ready to be used.

there will be an update because their beta testers are testing that update now and i have no idea what it would entail. all their products get updates over the years so its reasonable to expect the same for the tp7. i dont think this ought to influence your choice though. id buy it for what it does now. NOT what it could do later.