TP7 + TX6 multitrack mixdown

OK, so I’m an old school recording guy, and just bought a TP7 to go along with my TX6 since the 12 track recording seemed really cool for such a small package. I’m wondering how people are using this combo for mixing - as in, where are you sending the mix to? I had it in my brain the USB C connection would allow the full amount of tracks to be used - but that’s going to get signal from the mixer to the tp7. Mixdown same thing other direction - But I can’t record the stereo mix on the TX6 as the USB port is connected to the TP7. Analog out of TX6 to another piece of gear? Into the OP1 field tape? I understand the signal path, I’m just trying to figure out the best way to accomplish the whole process. Advice and help welcome!


I use out from TX-6 into OP-1 album.