Anyone else itching to buy this when it comes out? I know I am.

when is it supposed to be released?

Not too sure yet but it’s up for pre order on Moog Canada’s store.

Yes I am. Man I love the sound of an 808, I just can’t possibly afford an actual one. Sure I can get the sound of an 808 from a million other places but I can’t resist this cute little form factor and battery power.

I ordered mine on the day it was announced.
Expecting delivery soon.
The user manual is available on the Roland global support site, for anyone that’s interested.


I’m sort of waffling between this and a Beat Bot TT-78.

I understand these are two very different drum machines, but for me it’s a choice between the more familiar 808 sounds (that I also love) and the CR-78 sounds that didn’t have quite the same historical impact, yet today sound kind of fresh and different.

If I had to spend money on boutique it would be the d-05. Mad sounds straight out of the box. Love the idea of older digital synths in small form factor. What with their marketing DCB marketing ploy they could do a s-50 or s-770 with an accompaniying ipad app. Not just Roland either. Imagine a Waldorf Microwave XT in boutique format or a Hartmann Neuron Boutique??!! Madness.

the CR-78 is very underrated.

This vid spends the most time on the SH-01A but it does have a nice little segment which features the TR-08 trigger out, triggering the SH-01A sequencer, starting around 16:30: