tr-8 to op-1 direct USB clock link?

Does anyone have one of the new tr-8’s from roland? i’m curious if the op-1 and the tr-8 could sync over usb? Anyone know midi well enough to know or have both units to test, Was thinking of getting a tr-8 for some immediate drum machine ease.

easy you just need somethin in between… for example a ICM+ OG, ICM+4, Kenton USB Host, OPLad, or computer

Or enough pressure on TE to finally give us the USB OTG spec listed for the OP-1 >.> OTG includes Host capability <.<

That helps thanks, was hopeful i wouldn’t need gear in between, less is more

KrisM so the OTG I havr learned has $ costs and they have not found the right libary to go with.

Ugh… they charge $850 for the OP-1 and have a god-damned Testarossa, Countach, and Diablo VT in their studio. I have zero fucks to give about whatever costs they have about USB OTG lol. They advertise it, and should make the effort to deliver.

Is picking the library as simple as “whatever lets us use class compliant USB devices” ?? Do they have any idea how much more awesome/valuable the OP-1 would be to people if it could be plugged into the current crop of USB MIDI synths out there? Blofeld, Pulse 2, Microbrute, using an MPD32/16/whatever as a pad controller for Drum Sampler patches?

I’m probably beating a dead horse, but if they aren’t going to deliver they should probably stop advertising OTG, or figure it the hell out.

I am sure they know the benefits. we talked about it at NAMM.

As for the fancy cars, the money they made off the ikea paper camera’s is how they were able to afford those…

Fair enough :smiley: