TR-808 and oplab dinsync issues!

hey guys! So I’ve just tried to sync my 808 with my oplab and its all out of whack!
I can sync my ALM pams workout with the oplab and Din sync with no issues but when I go to sync my 808 the sync is so messed up.
I know it’s not the 808 as I can sync that fine from my Kenton Pro-solo mkii no probs!
So im guessing it to be the type/width of pulses being sent over dinsyc from the oplab that’s causing the issue. The ALM modules must be more forgiving being modular gear but the old 808 must need a specific width?

Set ups are:

Ableton-USB-oplab-dinsync-808 *no sync

Ableton-USB-oplab-dinsync-Pams *sync

Ableton-RME ucx-midi-prosolo-dinsync-808 *sync