Track volume only effective in mixer mode

Hey guys and gals

I’ve only had my OP1 for 3 days and haven’t been on the forum much yet… So HI and here goes my question and I hope the answer isn’t too obvious:

So my FM Synth is distorting (no FX active). Trying to turn the volume down, I go to Mixer, turn the volume down. The meter still shows clipping, but the signal goes quieter and the clipping stops.
But as soon as I hit the synth key again, the volume returns to the louder state (even though the value set in the mixer mode stays).
So, it seems like when I’m in Synth mode the tack volume set in the mixer.

Feel free to just post me a link or a key word if this has been discussed before. I couldn’t find anything googling it.


Check the orange level while,in Tape mode on the right side…
Lower it, find the sweet spot :slight_smile:

Hey Dalai,

hello fellow Elektronaut :wink:

Thanks, that did the trick!