Transfer files from OP1 to iPhone 11

This must have been covered before, but I’m not able to find it… Is it possible to send album A/B-files from the OP-1 via cable to the iPhone (files app or similar)?


Yup, OP disk mode > Apple cck move to files. iPhone will play the files or you can dump to Dropbox you can also get a third party file converter but Apple won’t let you drop them in iTunes which is wack.

Thank you for your answer! That sounds great, then I just have to buy the CCK :slight_smile: Cheers

I bought the CCK the other day but couldn’t get it to work :frowning: Updated phone and OP1 but couldn’t get it to show up in the files app. Most of the time the op1 freezes too… Does it depends how old OP-1 you have? Cheers

It shouldn’t matter how old the OP is as long as it’s updated. I’ll run through mine in a bit and see if anything comes to mind.

You need to have the charger connected to the cck. Connect cck to iPad or phone, connect lightning cable to power adapter and cck and finally connect op-1/z. Open files app on iOS device.

Now it seem to work! Thank you so much!