Transpose Keyboard on Track 10


First post, nice to meet you all.

I want to sequence a Roland TR-08 drum machine using track 10 on the OP-Z but I can’t transpose the keyboard to get at all the drum notes. I know I can use other tracks set to midi channel 10, that do have the transpose facility as default, but I’m old skool and like track 10 for drums.

So, is there a way or a workaround to do this, that you know of?


Unfortunately, there is no way to transpose tracks 9-16 on the OP-Z. It would be great if there were. But you can only do so on tracks 1-8.

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this may not be ideal
but is it possible to hook up like a midi controller and get the full range of notes on tracks 9-16?

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Part of the issue with tracks 9-16 is that they don’t have a drum or synth engine in them. In other words, tracks 9-16 can’t generate sound. So the OPZ is similar to the Digitakt in this way, tracks 1-8 can play samples and tracks 9-16 can be used for midi. However, the fault with the OPZ is that it can’t transpose tracks 9-16. Therefore, its highly limiting what you can use them for. Using an external sequencer to control tracks 9-16 is plausible, but if the tracks can’t generate audio, then it doesnt do much for you. You’re better off using an external sequencer to sequence other synths or sound modules.

using tracks 9-16 for external seq-ing other gear
and saving your audio tracks 1-8 for audio
keeping all your shit on the Z and not needing another sequencer
seems pretty valuable to me


Thanks Ollie, though you can transpose the keyboard on channels 12 and 14 which is handy.

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agh, thank you for the clarification.

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Thanks docshermsticks I’ll give this a go.

“So the OPZ is similar to the Digitakt in this way, tracks 1-8 can play samples and tracks 9-16 can be used for midi.” It is not coming close to the Digitakt, these tracks are almost useless for MIDI. MIDI implementation is very basic there compared to Digitakt. You have no control over sound banks and presets. In theory it is possible on OP-Z but in very quirky and odd way. I hope TE in next updates will implement some more “advance mode”, where you will be using OP-Z with screen app and having all of those parameters under control with option of disabling motion, photo and lights mode so you could use these tracks for normal MIDI sequencing and classic “Hipster Mode” when you can use it without screen with limited parameters options or sequencing photos of OP-Z surrounded by cats or little toys and plants on your desk.

Yes, I agree 100%. And TE should allow users to use tracks 9-16 for full midi implementation.

yes, I agree that the Digitakt surpasses the OPz in terms of its midi capabilities. I was merely saying that their architecture of 8 audio tracks and 8 midi tracks is similar. They both have their pros and cons. I wish the OPZ had the Digitakt’s midi capabilities and I wish the Digitakt had the OPz’s song capabilities.

i love my digitakt. sometimes i wish it had more than 8 audio tracks
sometimes i wish it had a nice chop feature so u could easily use one track to like chop up a break and spread it across the pads and play it out kinda like the chromatic mode but chop/slice mode.
would help save tracks too.

I agree with you 100%. I think Elektron is getting a lot of competition with the Digitakt and I’m hoping they start adding features to make it more competitive with the growing market.