Transposing in Endless sequencer

when I’m playing a descending scale in OP-1’s endless sequencer mode it transpose the scale 2 steps up.
when I’m playing a regular major C scale for example it doesn’t transpose it.
I know there is an option to tune it via Shift+metronome but it is pretty annoying,

Is there anyway to solve this issue ?

It will always use the first C key as the root note of the sequence. If you record a descending C major scale sequence, you trigger it to play in C by holding the C key, or trigger it to play in A by holding A, etc.

Otherwise it should not be doing any unpredictable transposing.

That’s very strange.
I play G to D ascending and when I hit G it transposes to a D scale.

Maybe it has to do with the metronome or something else?

So what happens if you create a sequence G-F-E-D and press the middle C key to trigger it?

Then it plays it correctly. It always creates an interval of 5th.

What’s the logic behind it ? (If there is any logic)

Pressing the C key will always play the sequence as originally recorded.
Any keys up or down from there will transpose it.

Strange to me. But, well…It works.


It is pretty arbitrary, but I can see why they chose to do it this way.
like, you’re expecting to be able to press the first note of the sequence to play it in original key. But what if the first step isn’t the tonic note, or is a rest?
Also, if your starting note were, say, the high E, you wouldn’t be able to easily transpose it up (you’d have to shift octaves)