Tried to update Firmware, now my OP Z is basically a brick

So i just did a factory reset because i was having problems loading samples onto certain slots. Then i did the firmware update to the newest one. I then plugged in via content mode, up loaded a bunch of samples, and now when i eject from computer the op z just fritzes out, trig 1 button led blinks white, and encoders are white but it wont reboot, or load any of the samples.

What the actual hell man.
Any ideas?
Now im basically stuck with a friggin opz with factory samples that i cant load anything new onto. Super pissed right now

tried to install the firmware update before that… Same shit. Now i can’t use content mode. It only reboots into upgrade mode and none of my samples i put in are there any more. Fucking pissed right now

Try pressing the Play key instead of ejecting from content mode.

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