Trigger spark problem

Hello op-z users!
An unexpected problem occurred when using the trigger spark component. I have always used it successfully, but recently I started getting strange results. If I program this component per step, with any value, then the track’s sound is simply canceled. he doesn’t follow the script. other components work fine. what am I doing wrong?

Does this happen on every project?

I will check it. but my project already contains a lot of patterns and I can’t refuse it…

The reason I’m asking is that I’m wondering it’s something related to a pattern or project setting or it’s a device fault. My guess (just a guess mind) is that there’s a weird interaction between multiple step components that you’ve used, that’s usually what does this kind of thing for me. Either that or parameter locks that are messing something up.

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There were no parameter locks on the track, it was a kick drum. that is, only spark components. There are more than 120 patterns in the project and there has never been such a problem anywhere. I’ll try again.

I’d love to help but I think I’m misunderstanding your question. A trigger spark determines whether a note is played by the engine (and whether MIDI is sent out), so I’d expect it to cancel out the track’s sound.

I assume I’m just being dense here. Can you describe the issue in another way?

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it,s a bag. in other patterns everything works as it should. another unexplained problem, it happens. Thank you for your answer and for your wonderful videos on YouTube.