Trim head/tail of recordings on TP-7

Is it possible in the EDIT mode on the TP-7 to trim the beginning or end of a recording? I can’t find anything in the manual about this but it seems like one of those basic functions that should be there, esp. given the more advanced overdub recording modes.

Hi all, first post for me, I’ve been reading for a while.

I assume it’s not possible. I also see it like a must for a device like this, along with some kind of synchronization, but nothing like that until now.

Hope they can upgrade it in the future.

One related question: I wonder if there’s a way to totally erase one of the tracks (just for rec a new take after that), I think it can’t be done.


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Yeah you can delete a recording by holding the STOP button down. That works just fine and it’s in the manual, but yeah can’t see anything about trimming/slicing recordings in there, which is a feature that even Quicktime Player has :slight_smile:

Hi, I mean deleting a track, not the entire recording