Triplets no way !? (triplets wtf)

How that can be there is no proper way (not a workaround) to sequence contrasting triplets within a 16 step bar !?
with micro timing it’s possible to do a kinda sounding triplet but parameter spark won’t apply to micro timing (am I wrong ?) so that triplet can’t be played every nth bar thanks to sparks components, chaining patterns is what there is left but that’s no designer’s way either !

this kind of hihats bars (trap like) aren’t lines one would record on the keyboard either.
I don’t get it.

come on !? no triplets ? wtf ?

Can’t you just make the pattern 12 steps long?

Seems like the most logical way to do it.

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yep, but making the pattern 12 steps makes a triplet based pattern right ? what I’d like to do is contrasting triplets (within a 16th note pattern), see ?
I thought perhaps lengthening one trig duration by holding following steps and using x3 step component could make the trick but not; the multiply step component does not know of a trig duration…

You can set each track to a different length of steps, so only your lead track could be triplets (12 steps) for example. You don’t have to set the whole pattern.

Or you could just play the notes in manually. The sequencer grid is just a guide after all.

I know what you mean. Triplets are pretty fundamental in music. Seems crazy that It isn’t an available metric option.
You can get them with the ‘echo’ trig (I think) so, shift and hold the 2nd B natural note. But that’s just an echo, and not a played triplet.

hey, I don’t understand what’s this ‘echo’ trig ?

It’s the JUMP trig.
It’s categorically not a substitute for actually programing triplets, but it gives you triplets when you hold it down on a track.
In the manual it says it has an option for jumping to 3/4 time.

On my PO-33 i was able to make triplets by keying in steps 1,2 & 4, then recording 6/8 FX. It made good triplets.
You can hear it on this track at 1:09