Trouble sending midi from iPad to OP1 after latest OS update

Hello all,

I have been using my iPad to send midi to my OP1 to trigger drums, keys, etc for a while now. However after the latest IOS update (11.3.1), my OP1 now loses connection ~10 seconds after being connected via the IOS camera kit 3.0.

I was successful in sending midi from my iphone running IOS 11.2 to my OP1, however after updating the OS to 11.3.1 the same issue began occurring.

This leads me to believe the latest OS update is causing the problem.

I’m using midi wrench to monitor the midi flow on the iPad.

Any advice or work around to solve this problem would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Oh no, so sorry to hear that!

I’m still on iOS 10 and was going to upgrade to 11 this week-end. I’m also using it to sequence my op-1 using Modstep. Please let me know if you’ve managed to solve your issue or if it’s indeed an os problem.

@oldlarry please could you jot a line here if you find a fix for this?

Just as a follow up: I’ve upgraded to iOS 11.3.1 and everything is working fine here using it to sequence my op-1 through the iconnectaudio4+ usb host