TRRS splitter into iPhone

What have I gotten wrong here?
Why is the iPhone still recording with its inbuilt mic? It’s recording me shuffling about.


couple things i’ve learned here.
first thing, the plug that is connecting to your phone
might be touching the metal of the phone itself
causing the sleeve of the jack to short to ground
which is coincidentally where the mic input is connected

to fix this i put a small lil piece of tape over my phone jack
and cut out the hole using an xacto knife… CAREFULLY!

second, is that the iphone needs a specific impedance on the mic input
this is what tells the iphone that a “headset” is plugged in
without this impedance on the mic input it will never detect and switch over to to the mic input
these basic trrs splitter may not be presenting the correct impedance

oh and third maybe your TRRS splitter is not the apple standard connections?

these are the main things i’ve discovered when developing my own TRRS splitter for the OPZ
but tbh it could be something else too
u’d be surprised at how many different ways the internal connections these types of splitters can be designed.


The impedance thing makes total sense.
Thank you.
I want to use my PO-33 to make a cool answer machine message for my mobile. Maybe taking an aux out of my desk will do it, rather than directly out of the PO.

By the way, this is an exemplary reply!
Informed, helpful, all the good things! Thank you!