Trumpet and brass sounds

Hey guys, anyone out there could hint me towards making a trumpet (or brass) sound? Maybe some are available off Op1 fun? I’d like to make my own patch but don’t really know where I’d start…

What kind of brass? Orchestral and realistic or something along the lines of Vangelis?

Also, I am assuming you want a patch for original OP-1? It has a somewhat different character from Field, so not all the same advice would apply.

I think the simplest brass patch (86.7 KB) can be made using Cluster and Spring FX. Rename the file to aif. This is very crude work, but it should illustrate the point.

Thank you for the quick come back, I’m looking for a realistic sounding trumpet mainly. Im on the field.

im very new to the op1 field…clicking on your brass patch link downloads it but I can’t hear it or have anything to run it. am I missing something?

easiest way is prolly just to sample some brass into the one of hte sampler engines

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It’s a patch for OP-1, which saves them as .aif files. I made it on the original OP-1, so it should work on both field and the original. You can rename it to brass.aif and upload to the snapshots directory on your device to play. You can also preview it on your PC by playing it as an AIF sound file in any media player.

Initially I’ve read your post as a question about how to synthesize a brass patch. I’ve uploaded couple of patches based on Cluster engine:

Synthesized trumpet patch:

And a synthesized brass orchestra patch:

If you want to hear a proper preview, you have to click “show” next to OP-1 field icon and press C on the keyboard, since OP-1 fun shifts the pitch of all preview files for some reason.

For making a sample-based patch, you might start with something like this: Sound samples | Philharmonia

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