Trying to play Volca via Midi from iPad/Mac through Oplab

This may be just MIDI / USB ignorance on my part. I’ve long been a patch cable guy.

Yesterday I bought the iPad Camera Connection Kit for iPad and thought I’d try playing the Volca via an iOS sequencer that can send Midi out. Setup:

iPad to Oplab via USB Device Port; Oplab Midi Out to Volca Keys.

I made sure the Midi channel on the Volca was set and matched what the sequencer was sending; I had the Oplab in Mode 0 (single source) with the USB Device Port as the source. The iPad was set to send to OPLAB. But… nothing. Nothing even seemed to be blinking on the Oplab like it was receiving anything.

I also tried this from my Mac via Logic but… I’m really not sure if I needed to do more here… It may be ignorance on my part. Similar setup to above, except I was trying to play my USB Midi keyboard through Logic to the Oplab, which may require more jiggery-pokery to work.

Am I missing something? Wrong mode? Do I need a USB cable to plug into USB A/B on the Oplab instead of the device port?

Ugh. Never mind. Just plugged the iPad back in and it seems to be working… :\