tuning recorded samples

hi guys,

i tried googling my issue but i cant seem to work it out myself…

so i tried to record a vocal sample and then adjustet start/end points to have a nice tone to play over the keyboard
but how do i go about having it laid out correctly so c=c ?

i would really like to be able to do this without a computer…

could someone experienced walk me through this process?

thanks in advance

Hi ! Same problem here.
Reading your post made me think of a simple thing : using a tuning app on your phone like the ones made for guitar player ?

Do you mean using Synth Sampler to grab a piece of voice, shorten it right up so it’s a tone, then tune it to C?

If so, use shift+metronome to get to the fine-tuning page. Tune it as best you can by guess, then switch back to another synth and compare the C. Keep going until it’s the C. Simples.

I used to sample bass tones into op and use the sampler to play the tones chromatically. I found sometimes (no mater what key I pressed to start sampling) my bass tone would sample at F, sometimes G and sometimes B seemed to be determined by how dense and noisy my tone coming in was. I had thought it sampled to a specific key (A?) but that wasn’t the case for me. I would just use a clip on guitar tuner mounted near my monitors and I was able to just keep resampling until my notes matched up ( I would check them against regular synth)

aight guys i diddnt know about that tuning-page, thanks a lot for your help, this should get me started