Turning control tracks off / midi sequencing track 12

I’ve been successfully sequencing external synths from the OP-Z over USB on tracks 14 and 16 (and 15 in a test). I know it says it is possible to send midi from all tracks but if I record notes into track 12 (Master) the notes don’t seem to send. I can play the keyboard and the notes sound, and I can also map a different track eg 15 to track 12 in the component track and it sends ok.

Is it possible to send midi notes from track 12? And (assuming that is possible) can you turn off the Master impact on all the drum and synth tracks so it doesn’t transpose parts based on notes input?

I don’t use the Master track for chord progressions but do use fx, tape, performance, so wanted use it for an external synth.

One quirk I noticed, doesn’t seem like it is possible to step input on track 15 but you can real-time record.


you can, just switch with + & - buttons from „lights“ to „trigs“

maybe shift and plus/minus


Thanks I’ll give that a go.

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That works, thanks. Just the + or - key to toggle between lights and triggers.

I’m slightly confused why this stuff isn’t explained in the OP-Z manual. There are so many great features that are hidden.

Now to work out track 12…

right there in the manual - preview mode :slight_smile:


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:rofl: thanks for pointing that out.

I even read that page late last night. I think I didn’t make sense of it because it was under the heading for lights operation so misinterpreted it.

Better go triple read the Master track page…

Ok I finally fixed how to sequence external gear from track 12/Master track.

On track 12 you need to set the notes to be “free” rather than “latch”. You do that by holding the track button and rotate the blue dial clockwise until the LED goes blue.

Magically that meant the notes in the sequencer were actually sent. I don’t know why.

Hope that helps someone in the future.


This is GREAT… thank you all so much for doing the work and figuring this out!!!


No worries, great to be able to take advantage of it as a midi track if you don’t use master.

I always use the fx tracks and often the tape track and performance can be handy so not suitable for midi sequencing other gear (for me).