Tutorial on how to record multiple loops to Tape

I’m trying to learn how to do the following:

1. Record Loop A with multiple overdubs that is, say, 10 sec. long. It can all be one Track - doesn’t matter.
2. Record Loop B, that is, say 12 sec. long, that will start sometime after Loop A.

The goal is to be able to play Loop A on Tape until I decide to advance the Tape to Loop B, then have it loop Loop B until I want to advance it to Loop C, etc.

The problem I am having is when I try to record Loop B, Tape take me all the way back to the 0 mark on the timeline so that it would play Loop B at the same time as Loop A. This is not what I want.

Another problem is after I manage to record the audio for Loops A and B, when I add loop start and stop points, the loop is always the entire length of the tape so the loop I get is both “loops” combined into one - which is also what I do not want.

If this is possible, is there a tutorial out there that teaches how to do this?

Ok, I found a huge clue here:


This is what I worked out so far:

1. Record Loop A to Track 1.
2. Record Loop B to Track 2.
3. Rewind entire Tape and play
4. While Loop A section is playing, hold Shift + Loop Toggle to make it loop
5. When done, press Loop Toggle to stop loop and continue on Tape
6. Switch to Track 2 - this has to be done or the “loop current section” feature won’t work.
7. While Loop B section is playing, repeat Step 4.

What you described seems to be the best way if your loops need to be different lengths. You don’t need to have the loops on separate tracks, though. The shift + loop function works based on the recorded section length (not sure of the right language for this, but a section on a track represented by an unbroken line. separate recording sessions or the scissor button separate sections).

If your loops are the same length, however, you can press shift + arrow keys to move the loop section to the next adjacent space (loop the next 2 measures, for example). This function is really great - it stays in sync with the beat and executes the loop change at the end of the current section.

I apologize if I was unclear or told you something you already know!

My loops have different length (and Bpm) and if you wish to reorganise your loops of different lengths on DAW and put them next to each other, the Op1 won’t recognise the loop points when imported back on tape. I always put silences between my loops so I get loop points back on tape for the most part, still have to double check and fix where needed which is easy.
But that won’t work in your case as you want seamless transitions from loop A to B.

I usually do a bit of tape tricks with delay so while the sound of loop A fades out I quickly select the next loop point of loop B. Best workaround so far :slight_smile:

If anyone has a better idea I’m all ears.


The loops are all different lengths. The band leader wants me to fade in a loop between songs in the set that has been established for our festival appearance, so it’s a different loop to introduce each song.

I was going to do this on the Octatrack since it’s got the ability to store and recall multiple audio files from a CF card, but the silly thing suddenly stopped functioning after the band leader and I put in several hours of work creating loops and saving them to the CF card. One of the things I did to try to calm her down was promise to redo the work on the OP-1 and use that instead. Good thing the Octatrack decided to misbehave in the practice room instead of onstage at the Rock And Roll Hotel in Las Vegas!

Good idea to make sure there’s a reasonable amount of silence between loops. I may end up organizing them in a DAW, importing them to OP-1, then arranging them on alternating tracks to use the Shift + Loop Toggle function.