TV-SHOW about an operator (one of us)

i was pirating random dramas and have stumbled on this show:

its a show about a guy using OP-1 in his music.
its very well produced, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, good actor.
it has like a bojack horman vibe to it. mine character is like some one who could have been a user of this forum. how ever, this show is not entirely focused on music, and 3rd eppisode was kinda boring… but it made me think and reflect on why do i use TE gear late at night.
so i was wandering if any one has seen this show. did it make you think ? :thinking:

New here, but…don’t pirate?


Hey thanks for this. I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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Not that this makes piracy okay, but it’s an Apple TV+ series and I think they’re still just happy anyone is watching.

I’m on the mid-tier AppleOne family subscription and for some reason, Apple has been GIVING ME $5.99/month in store credit for Apple TV+. It might be because my wife upgraded her phone last year, but the rebate started a few months afterward so I’m not totally sure.

Either way, I’ve heard good things about the series and generally like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The OP-1 screen-time seems like a nice bonus!

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