Two synth sample patches from one sample?

Is this possible? I hit the memory limit pretty quick on first sampling session. Not a massive problem as I can backup and wipe. But Wondering if I can record two sounds in one 6 sec sample and then have two separate patches reference that same sample but with different start points? Kinda like how drums work I suppose but instead this would be separate patches. Or could one of the m1/m2 buttons possibly switch between start points and other settings? Giving 2 presets within one patch? Memory is awkwardly small on this thing but strangely quite enjoying the challenge/being forced to limit palette. Just wondering if any tricks for stretching it to max number of available sounds.

I guess what I should have asked is basically if I re-save a sample patch with new parameter settings, does it save the sample again (doubling the memory taken up) or does it reference the original sample file?

Hi @Callofthevoid, it re-saves the sample again with new settings.

FYI, there are some hard limits on how many of each type of preset you can save. So, the above case would use up 2 of the synth sampler count.

Max Synth Sampler patches = 42
Max Synth Synthesis patches = 100
Max Drum Patches = 42

Thanks for the info. Shame about the memory handling on OP. Seems badly thought out. Ie. 6 secs regardless of how long the actual portion you want to use is. Inability for multiple patches to read from same sample file.

Do those numbers you gave include presets? If so those things have gotta go! :wink: Hopefully possible in the new OS.

Guess TE have a reason for the ‘6 seconds every time’ thing but strange nonetheless. Don’t think I’ve ever had a sampler before without a truncate function to maximise memory/patches.

Regarding questionable space management decisions… did you discover the one about how synth (non sampler) presets save an audio sample of a robotic voice saying “Op-1 patch” into each and every preset? I did some tinkering a few weeks ago and figured out that it’s possible to remove the audio from the preset aif file, effectively shrinking the size of the file to a tiny percentage of the original, and loading that modified file onto the Op-1 works fine - the preset works perfectly. Unfortunately though, the above numbers are kind of hard coded limits that put them well within the bounds of what the Op-1 can comfortably handle rather than allowing you to, say, eat up your space allowance however you like. I’m fine with the current settings though to be fair.

Haha sounds very TE-like to add the robot voice thing. I’m fine with those numbers for amount of patches OP will store in each category. Just pretty sure that I got ‘memory full’ after reaching quite a few less than 42 sample synth patches (snapshots) . Which I guess is down to the factory presets. Which sucks if that’s the case. I’m never going to use them :frowning:

My thought about the robotic voice is that it was meant to be an actual sample of the preset to be ease the patch managment once on computer. It makes more sense with this in mind.

@LyingDalai - exactly! I’m messing around writing an android app in my spare time, and in the preset management part of my app, I’ve trying to provide the user the ability to do exactly what you suggested. Ie, make presets previewable. The tough bit though is trying to find a nice user workflow to associate a bit of audio with a patch. One thing I thought of was to make segments of tape also previewable on the app such that you could navigate to a section of tape and hit a button that places that audio in the audio part of a preset of your choice. I’m not far off to be honest, but it’s not the nicest workflow.

The Android app sounds interesting :slight_smile: look forward to checking it out.

@yoof Briiliant !
I would rather use the album than the tape to achieve this, though.
Tape can stock wonders !

Or just play each pattern from your app directly and record in the app. Can’t see how to do this with the available MIDI command, yet.

@Callofthevoid: one way to make that six second sample become two (or more - depends on duration of sound) individual sounds in the OP-1 Sampler is to use Tape. Use 6 seconds of Tape to record the samples you want to use then use Lift and Drop to a Sampler patch. You can then set the in and out points for the first sound, save that sound then use different in and out points for the second sound etc That’ll do what you’re asking for.

Thanks but if I understand correctly that wouldn’t eat up any less memory/patch slots than just sampling sounds from extrernal source individually to separate synth sampler snapshots in the first place? I was looking to maximise sample memory/amount of available user patches more than ways to chop/bounce etc. But it seems pretty rigid. Which is fine, just wanted to be sure I want missing any tricks to squeeze more patches out of the memory.

Ah I see! No, there aren’t any tricks to squeeze more than the numbers @yoof stated.

You can have two single octave patches in a single Drum patch.

Thanks, yeah been keeping the drum patches space at back of mind for if I get stuck for memory with no computer nearby. Might try to multisample the Reason abbey Road piano in that way too and see how it sounds… Might be ok/interesting even just 12 x 1 second sampled notes and use pitch in drum sampler patch to fill in every other note. Might be cool with a lot of spring/cwo fx or somehing…

Storing presets to Tape while workin on stuff?
Don’t know if this is any use for your methods?

Thanks, yeah that’ll prob be somehing I end up using. Cool feature/storage space to fall back on, I haven’t really looked at that properly yet. How much tape time does it use per patch? And you can dump the preset/s anywhere along tape time line right? Will def be handy.

Still the whole OP save/delete process is so strangely thought out on OP, must be a better way?! Saved/renamed/deleted a bunch of snapshots/presets today. Took half an hour (plus the half hour prep going through all snapshots on OP and seeing which were keepers and jotting them down in notes)… Tedious. Thankfully had a fun OP jam too so all’s forgiven…

Yes an up date feature would be most welcome.
Anywhere on tape,yes.Synth voices are a second,while I think samples are the 6 or 12 sec sound.