TX-6 + Ableton + macbook air m2 + 12channels

Hey everybody!
ableton only detects 2 channels (master out) i only can record the master.
if i change the configuration in my tx-6 to 12chnannels
my ableton does not change it.
but i would love to record 6 stereochannels at once.
thanks for your help!

tx-6 version 1.2.10
ableton live 10.1.43
macbook air m2 ventura 13.0.1

cheers housi

And you checked device settings in Ableton? Sometimes when you make a change on the TX-6 Ableton won’t know you did that, so you may have to go into the input settings in Ableton and enable the other 10 channels

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hey midnightoperator, thank you.
12 channels was not available, but after restart ableton, it was there =)
cheers martin

but now another question popped up.
so now i have six stereochannel, but not the master anymore?
i need both. someone knows? is both possible?

not possible :frowning:

I’ve got a little side question. Can you track in Ableton all 12 inputs and at the same time play back things from Ableton BUT with different levels set on each output of TX-6 (e.g. a metronome and a prerecorded track)? Thanks!

thanks for the info, but oooh not good!
i wish that they add this to next update. i prefer 5 stereo channels + master. right?

no idea about that bro, not checked yet